The Trunk Lift test is designed to measure trunk extensor strength and flexibility.  Students will lie face down with their palms to the sides of their Quadriceps.  Students will life their chin until they reach 12 inches.  Their feet may not leave the ground.  Click here to see your standard.



  • Lie face down on the ground with feet together

  • Place hands under Quadriceps

  • Lift upper body as high as you can (hold for 3 sec)

  • Do not tilt head back (focus eyes on fixed point on ground)

See the videos below for some exercises to improve your Trunk Lift score.


Modified exercises to increase Trunk Lift performance:

Crossover Stretch

  • A good stretch for your lower back, gluteus maximus, and hamstrings.
  • Be sure to stretch both sides.  Keeping one knee bent with your foot flat on the ground.
  • Be sure to do this stretch with 3 sets of 10 second repetitions.

Trunk Stretch

  • This stretch helps strengthen your core muscles.  These muscles work together to provide stability and protect you from injury.
  • The muscle you feel contracting deep in your abdomen when you cough is the transversus abdomus.
  • Other major abdominal muscles include the external oblique and the rectus abdominus.

Superman Stretch

  • This stretch helps strengthen other core muscles located in your lower back.
  • These major back muscles include the multifidis and the erector spinae.
  • Be sure to do this stretch with 3 sets of 10 second repetitions.